Soul Sourcing


Readings by Glenda The outcome of the readings is to help the client make sense of where they are at, and how they can make more informed choices of action/ thought for their next moment.

Readings begin by initially balancing the mineral salts and hydration levels. An energy scan is then performed pausing at the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral area listening to what information is being emitted from the different areas. This phase also gives time for the client to become fully centred and present for the reading.

After this is complete, we will sit together and relax to receive further guidance and messages. Information can be received through a variety of frequencies - images, words, colour, sounds etc. and guidance can be given on how this is impacting on their current choices and what would be more in tune with their chosen program for this life. The client can choose whether or not to add, give feedback, discern the intention of the information, or ask questions at any time.

Bush Flower Essence readings are also available to develop a Personal Blend with either/or a 15ml tincture (drops to ingest) or 100ml Mist Essence Spray.

Readings 30mins - $80, 1 hour - $150
Bush Flower Read + 15ml Personal Blend tincture 15mins- $60
Bush Flower Read + 100ml Personal Mist Spray 15mins - $80

For further details and bookings please email: