Soul Sourcing


The following crystals are the remaining 8 from the original 12 purchased from a man whose family who has their own mine in Brazil. He advised that his brother came across these unique crystals growing within the Amethyst cave, and that the colour is natural and has not been affected by heat. Irregardless, of this fact, I find the colour of them quite unique, and felt the strength in their energy and wanted to purchase them.
It was quite amazing when I walked into his showroom, I could feel this pull from behind me and when I turned around the crystals were literally jumping up and down, saying, "She is here, she is here". I have not had this happen before and was quite absorbed and I called them my "12 Sentinels", and I knew they would go to special people, and they would know. I have kept 2 for myself and have them with me in my study and for when I do my readings, and have sold another 2 before listing the remainder on my site. I engaged a professional photographer to take their photos so that their many features can be easily seen and felt, and, that you are able to choose the crystal that is choosing you.

Item:1. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Smoky green in colour, and holds a lot of mystery in the wispy clouds suspended in the clarity.
Height:16.5cm, Weight: 1kg

Price :$655.00

Item:2. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Amethyst colouring around the base with many golden green refractions sparkling through as you turn it around.
Height: 18cm, Weight: 682gm

Price :$450.00

Item:3. Citrine (Green) Spire - SOLD

Description:Lime green in colour with what looks like an escarpment held in suspension in the middle. Stunning clarity.
Height: 19cm, Weight: 923gm

Price :$635.00

Item:4. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:A hint of amethyst colouring at the base, moving through to pale olive green up to almost clear at the top of the spire. Beautiful clarity showing the many facets of change within.
Height: 20cm, Weight: 717gm

Price :$475.00

Item:5. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Base has hints of lavender misting in the clouds of green, and midway the spire becomes a beautiful shade of pale lime.
Height: 22cm, Weight: 681gm

Price :$455.00

Item:6. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Deep smoky olive coloured base with hues of amethyst. Internal fractures look like a wave reaching for the top. The many internal surfaces refract the light beautifully.
Height: 23.5cm, Weight: 1.11kg

Price :$775.00

Item:7. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Base has clouds and multiple striations, showing the struggle to evolve, rising to a clarity of pale lime with a pause in between shown by a small shadow of smoky olive.
Height: 25cm, Weight: 953gm

Price :$665.00

Item:8. Citrine (Green) Spire

Description:Stunning vibrant colours from deep smoky olive to very pale lime. Pockets of natural crystal blend with the smoothed surfaces. Many facets within refract such beauty.
Height:25cm, Weight: 1.29kg

Price :$895.00