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About Glenda

About Glenda of Soul Sourcing I have travelled around the world with my family due to my husband's employment and have lived in many different communities, experiencing the rich cultures & varied challenging environments from a small village 100KM's east of Prague with -20° to the bustling city of Delhi at 47°.
I have had my share of personal traumas and health crises and as I gradually guided myself back to full health I studied and became a practitioner in several alternate health modalities.
Living this life has given me a rich, abundant and full bodied tool box. This gives me such an advantage in working with my clients.
I hear, see, feel your frequency of where you are at in the present moment and I can align with you in order to give feedback for you to recognise and acknowledge impeding influences enabling you to move forward with more insight.
Our journeys, histories and experiences differ greatly, but having the courage to step up and acknowledge our current status and seeking all avenues for our betterment is saying that "I AM HERE".
Since 2011 I have settled on the Gold Coast Hinterland in a home to which we fondly refer to as "The Resort".
My established practice includes Readings, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Bush Flower Essences, Teas, Crystals, Workshops and Retreats. I have also recently joined AirBNB and host our 2 Bedroom Cottage. Please click this link Cottage to view.