Soul Sourcing


Be a part of life, experience it and embody it OR exist?

Connect, communicate and contribute OR disconnect and react?

Love, share and nurture self and others OR neglect and survive?

What's your choice? Be curious? Play & believe in possibilities?

How can I help put the nurturing heart intent back into your life?

- A reading to receive feedback and clarity around your chosen path.
- Mist Essence Sprays to provide support and balance to your energy.
- Emotional Aroma Resonances (E.A.R.) – Place some drops on your lava bead and smell throughout the day.
- Teas created by colours to be appreciated and experienced by all senses.
- Select 1 of only 8 available crystals with awesome colouring & structure to personally program.
- Attend an Aligned Presence workshop to learn practices to support daily living.
- Book a getaway at our self contained Cottage to relax, unwind and enjoy sampling the herbal/fruit teas. Plus, select from the menu package to include a psychic/energy reading, or a massage with aromatic oils, or learn some Aligned Presence practices.

You help me keep life interesting, heart involved and forever curious about what can I experience now by helping others to be more. Let me help you find that same curiosity, nurturing heart and awe in your own life.



You've helped me so much this past year, through the the ups n downs, it's always a pleasure to come see you.

I feel your genuine, down to earth, compassionate approach to your work and your clients is a breath of fresh air. You keep it real and accurate, without the need for bells and whistles. Just a real, down to earth woman with a genuine love for helping others with your amazing gift. I always feel guided and supported when I leave.

Thank you for the times we've laughed and cried - Theresa x

Wow … What a wonderful experience with Glenda, So enlightening!

Glenda weaved a story like journey as she spoke through the session. Without my saying a word, Glenda described a lot about me and where I was at. She also shared some insights which I felt resounded with my own thoughts around my journey. Very soon after our session, (almost immediately), the insights that were said began to come to fruition. In ways I cannot explain, it seemed like the Universe was speaking through her, with amazing clarity.

Not only is she incredible with her gifts, she is also a beautiful person - Dee Littlewood

I have really appreciated Glenda's amazing insight and support in helping me to navigate through some very challenging times in my life. She helped me to be aware of who I really am and from that place it is my choice to allow life to flow.

Glenda's ability to intuitively select Bush Flower Essences to assist with specific issues is remarkable. They are powerful essences which are made more so through Glenda's ability to blend them for a person's specific needs - Glenyss